www.Employeeconnection.net – Employee Connection Insite for Macys and Bloomingdales Review

employee connection benefits insiteLooking for the employee connection in-site for Macy’s or Bloomingdales? If so, then see the website at www.employeeconnection.net to access your benefit information, paycheck, forms and more. Read this brief review to learn more about the employee benefits website and what type of resources are available to you from the company’s site. The Macy’s company has provided a centralized place online for all of their employees to be able to quickly stay up to date with current events, and to download HR benefit and insurance forms, along with a wide variety of important items.

About Insite for Macys and Bloomingdales:

For most of the information and resources provided by the Employee Connection, you may not have to login or sign on to an account. When you access the site, you will see the major sections and categories listed across the top of the page.

Website Link:

See the main benefits website at: www.employeeconnection.net

The key sections available from the website include:

  • Benefits
  • Forms
  • Communications
  • Resources
  • In-Site

Login Page:

You will need to login to the Macy’s Insite page to get access to your personal information. You can access the appropriate ‘Insite Sign in’ page at hr.macys.net/insite/common/logon.asp.

Employees may want to visit the ‘Employee Connection’ website for Macy’s and Bloomingdales to get a good understanding of the various benefits you may qualify for, as well as the various insurance and tax forms that are available for download. In addition to the download resources, there is also a page that describes and explains the use of each of the forms.

The ‘Benefits’ Section:

Within this section you will find information on your health benefits, health and welfare links, retirement benefits and other items such as matching gifts, scholarship program, earning for learning and the employee assistance program. The retirement area includes 401(k), AARP and Social Security resources.

The ‘Forms’ Section:

Gain access to health, medical, vision and dental benefit and claim forms to use as needed.

The ‘Resources’ Section:

Gain access to various items dealing with your paycheck, bill payment, credit unions, taxes, special discounts and more. There are a great deal of information for Macy’s and Bloomingdales employees to connect to and become familiar with, as you may need them in the future.

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