www.Happymeal.com – Play McWorld Game at Happy Meal Review

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Looking to play the McWorld game online? You can access the website at www.Happymeal.com to find out more about how to login to the game and how to get, enter and use codes. Read the brief review and overview of the McDonald’s Happy Meal website below. Also learn how to get 150 mPoints for free just for signing up for the game.

Key Links for McWorld Game Play:

The following website links are a few ways that you can access the game website. Once there, you will be able to access the portal where you can login if you are already a member, register to become a new member and enter mCodes as needed. You can join the website for free and get 150 mPoints to use in McWorld, just for signing up to play the world famous online games.

  1. www.happymeal.com:
  2. mcworld.happymeal.com:
  3. www.mcworld.com:

In addition to getting 150 mPoints for free just for signing up, members will also be able to track game scores to see how well you are playing. You will also have the opportunity to use your mc World mCodes that you accumulate to get fun stuff. Some of the different things you can get for your mPal include items that you can wear. You can also adopt an online mPet that follows you all over McWorld as you play, very cool. You may also be able to get special game powers that increases the fun.

The best, and probably quickest way to a fun time is to access the official Mc World game website. Some of the first steps include:

  • access the game website at www.happymeal.com
  • or through www.mcworld.com, then
  • go through the ‘Join Now’ button that you find at their website
  • register to become a member for free
  • get your 150 mPoints
  • login and sign on to the McWorld game
  • create your avatar
  • start playing

The Happy Meal site also has a lot of fun things to do including playing games like Pinguins, Seashell Fling, Great Space Rescue and Goat’s Basket. While there, also see if you can break the virtual world record. Other cool virtual activities include listening to music videos and view TV commercials right from the Happy Meal and McWorld game website.


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