www.ncesc.com – North Carolina Unemployment Benefits Website Review

moneyWorkers in North Carolina who are unemployed may be seeking information on their unemployment benefits and how to file claims. The website at www.ncesc.com is operated by the Employment Security Commission of North Carolina, and is where individuals can access many services geared to maintaining a quality workforce in the state. ESC provides individuals the ability to apply for UI benefits online. You can also get critical information in regards to what specific details are needed for the application process.

About the ESC:

The NC Employment Security Commission (ESC) strives to help the state to maintain a healthy job and work environment in the state. One of their activities is to provide various services to the state’s workers and employers. The provide employment services to job seekers and UI unemployment insurance resources to the unemployed. If you are not working, they may be able to help you find a job, or help you with receiving unemployment benefits. From 2008 to 2010, the ESC processed more than 3 million initial claims for regular UI. Extensive job losses across the state of NC has also caused an increase of the claims made for extended compensation benefits.

North Carolina Unemployment Benefits

Filing a Claim and Account Login:

From the ESC website you can access the areas necessary to apply to file your initial UI claim, and weekly certification online. See their site for specific details on the process in North Carolina.

• If you are already registered with their service, you can login and sign in to your online account at their website. You will need your customer ID and PIN to login and signon to access your benefit information. If you have forgotten your PIN, they have provided a way for you to reset your PIN from the website.

Individual services login page.

Customer service phone numbers:

  1. to file an initial claim – 877-841-9617
  2. to file a weekly certification – 888-372-3453
  3. having problems with website log in – 888-737-0259.

Individual Services include:

  • help with finding a job in NC
  • file a UI claim
  • file the weekly benefit certification
  • view your benefit payment history
  • view your personal claim information
  • benefits estimator
  • extended programs

Website: www.ncesc.com

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