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red lobster guest survey informationRead a review of the Red Lobster Survey so you will be better informed on the guest satisfaction feedback form and sweepstakes. The official website is at www.redlobstersurvey.com, and is where you will be able to complete the questions. Find out more about what the guest survey is, how to participate and how to be entered into Red Lobster sweepstakes.

Guest surveys and feedback questionnaires are offered by the management teams of many different restaurants, so they can collect customer satisfaction information from their restaurant patrons. This is one tool that restaurant management teams utilize in their efforts to maintain their high quality standards for food and wait staff service experience.

Red Lobster Guest Survey and Sweepstakes

If you have dined at one of these restaurants recently you may have an invitation waiting for you at the bottom of your meal receipt. If you do, you are eligible to complete the guest satisfaction feedback questionnaire and to also be entered into the $1,000 sweepstakes. As you enter their feedback website, just follow the directions to participate and complete the consumer questionnaire. It only takes a few minutes to complete. The company appreciates your time spent providing information on your dining experience.

• Complete the guest survey at www.redlobstersurvey.com


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